Sizes & Stones

A ring should perfectly fit. When buying a ring from our website, this is the most important question. It is very important to know your size. We do work with European ring sizes with numbers from 25 (very small) to 55 (very big). Even when you know your ring size you should be aware that a broad ring has another size(a bit larger) than a small ring, you should carefully look at the stone. A big stone, a heavy ring should not be to wide, otherwise it will turn, and fall. Most rings are custom moulded, that means that we do have the drawing in the computer we customise to your size. Sometimes me can change a ring size, sometimes not : we will have to make a new one for you. The responsibility for the ordered size is for you, so take this very serious.

We do love to work with different stones. Lovely colours, precious stones. Do you have an inherited beautiful stone? Maybe this fits in one of our models, we would be happy to serve you. Not every stone can be found in very big seizes, as you can see on our website, some rings need really big stones. If you order a color stone in a big ring, we will contact you and make an offer or we have to tell you that it’s not possible… That’s what we do not like, so we will do anything to make it possible. Do you have a suggestion for a stone witch is not mentioned in our web shop, please tell us, we are always open for inspiration.