Care & Service


At Maroeska Metz Jewelry, we offer professional cleaning and polishing services for your Maroeska Metz-designed pieces. Regular wear can affect your jewelry’s appearance, and our services are tailored to maintain its beauty. The cost may vary depending on the condition and specific needs of each piece. For a personalized approach and to understand the best options for your jewelry, we encourage you to contact Maroeska Metz directly.


If your jewelry sustains damage, we are equipped to handle repairs. We’ll collaborate with you to determine the cause of the damage. Should it stem from a defect on our part, we will repair it at our expense. In other cases, we’ll work with you to find an appropriate solution.

Note: Our services also include resizing and stone replacement to ensure your piece is perfectly suited to your needs.

How to sent your jewelry

For optimal safety, we recommend sending your jewelry to us via secure, insured postal service. In the Netherlands, this typically costs around 25 euros and ensures that your package is delivered with a signature requirement. This method is our standard practice for handling repairs and guarantees the safe transit of your precious items.

We recommend individually wrapping each movable or separate part in bubble wrap. Place these wrapped items in a sturdy box or envelope, ensuring that there is no room for movement inside. To further secure the contents, consider adding extra bubble wrap or paper as a cushioning filler. This method helps to prevent any damage during shipping.

Please await specific instructions regarding the sending address before dispatching your jewelry, as this may vary depending on the individual case. We will provide you with the appropriate address to ensure your items are sent to the correct location for their needs.